Testissä Salomon Spikecross 3 CS

Arctic Sport Addictsin suunnistaja ja testaaja Erling Sommerfeldt on testannut Salomonin Spikecross 3 CS:ää, nastallista maastojuoksukenkää muutaman kuukauden ajan ja tässä hänen kommenttinsa kengistä ja niiden toimivuudesta englanniksi. Laitan suomennoksen vielä myöhemmin, mutta sen voi sanoa jo nyt, että kengät taisivat olla hyvinkin mieleiset!

The new trail running shoe Spikecross 3 CS from Salomon has a set of features combined in a versatile design. The shoe is built around the front bridge waterproof Climashield (CS) membrane and a mud and snow Contragrip outsole. Nine embedded metal spikes ensure for traction and stability. The outer lining is breathable and the tightening solution is the Salomon Sensfit design with a one pull Quicklace. The shaped EVA heelcup and double layer EVA midsole will reduce impact during long trainings.


As a first impression this shoes are light with a grip unbeatable to most footwear. The build quality and weatherproof skin gives feeling that it is long lasting and ideal for difficult conditions. On my first test run on icy roads the immediate thought was “there is no excuses no to run, this shoes are searching for ice and show”, while earlier balancing from one dry patch to another.

The Spikecross 3 CS gives serious support especially in the heel section. They share the benefits from mountain trekking shoes, but brought far into a running shoe. Still truly at home in more extreme places, they aren’t going to slow you down on easier tracks. Spikes are essentially necessary for winter running and on slippery ground in steep places. It is a stiff shoe and the fit is very precise. On dry asphalt the impact is quite hard from the surface and the spikes will wear down unnecessary. The heel part can feel slightly big running on roads with no need extra support or in hard snow if you slip through. At the same time the heel part protect extremely well and lift the angle of the foot in a very desirable way towards the front foot. In snow and slush they perform very well. For running on grass they are very fun and responsive. Downhill is plain easy; you just keep staying upright and can control the speed. The behavior of Spikecross 3 CS deserves the full trust. On new trails in the forest and from the wilderness to trails in a city garden, this running shoe model is suited for very exciting workouts.


Kuvat: Salomon.com & http://wilderfootraces.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/spikecross-3-cs.jpg

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