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Joskus hyvää kannattaa odottaa, ainakin tässä tapauksessa. Jotkut tuotteet vaativat hieman enemmän testausta tai sitten tietynlaiset olosuhteet ja juuri näin oli asianlaita, kun Erling lähti testaamaan Petzlin loppukesästä kauppoihin päätynyttä Petzl Nao -uutuusmallia. Tuotetta ei ollut oikein järkeä lähteä testaamaan keskellä kesää, koska sen ominaisuuksien arviointi ei olisi ollut todenmukaista. Siksi päätimme odottaa, että illat pimenivät, jotta saisimme luotettavampia tehoja ja kuvia siitä, miten laite todella toimii. Kirjoittamastani introsta löytyy hieman lisää tuotetietoja Nao:sta ja alta varsinainen Erlingin testiraportti englanniksi. Olkaa hyvät!

Arctic Sports Addicts has been testing Petzl’s top model headlamp Nao during the fall. For an introduction see also the product preview.

What should be expected from a head lamp? What innovation is Petzl bringing with Nao? Petzl Nao is the winner in outdoor accessories hardware, 2012 ISPO Award. As a starting point this among other positive impressions give extra expectations.

To be a good head lamp it needs to works sufficent for the expected time, have some adjustment for the amount of light and possibilties to customise the fit according to the user’s needs.

Where Petzl Nao presents a very bright idea to head lamps is by using an integrated light sensor. It automatically adjusts the output from two LEDs to give exactly the right amount of light. In this way a more ideal energy use can give much longer use time from one fully charged battery. Automatic continuous adjustments will also save the user the need to change anything on the lamp manually, when being in the middle of an activity.


Out of the box it looks to be a compact smart headlamp. It fits well on my head also on top of a hat. The Lithium Ion battery connected to the Zephyr headband, feels light enough for use in sports and with the included top strap it is easy to make adjustments and secure the head lamp to be stabilized. Petz Nao has a lockable multi-funtion on/off switch, that selects MODES, LEVELS and PROFILES by turning forward and LOCKS by turning backwards. When switching on the lamp it will remember the mode from previous use and start in the same mode. The two modes are REACTIVE LIGHTING MODE and CONSTANT MODE. By turning the lock for 5 seconds forward it will switch between the two modes. Custom modes are saved as PROFILES in the OS By Petzl by connecting the usb from the head lamp to a computer after installing the software. Each mode can have up to 5 levels. It is possible to change PROFILE on the go by turning the switch forward for 10 seconds.


Before running with the head lamp I thought it would be much better using the optional belt kit and then keeping the battery in a vest or a backpack. Quite soon while running I had to admit that the fact of not having a longer cable is a great advantage and wearing the battery on the headband is very easy to get used to. Where it’s especially nice to wear the Petzl Nao head lamp are those half dark areas on a lighted road just between two light posts. The combined experience of light feels even and seeing the details on the ground is very helpful for the running itself. Reading the map for an orienteering course is definitely easier than with the light from a more powerful head lamp on full power. I have used the Petzl Nao mostly in REACTIVE LIGHTING MODE and sometimes pointed it more towards the ground close to traffic or when it is little or no need for extra light. The Petzl Nao head lamp also gives extra and useful visibility to make yourself seen, while running in an area with traffic. On full power the quality and strength of light is impressive and gives a clear white color light also with narrower point beam for far distance. Still, I think the wide beam might be the biggest advantage. It’s lights up the surroundings with just about the right amount of light and also makes it easy to see where to continue whenever the trail is turning.

Other test results

  • Battery life in Trail running CONSTANT MODE should give average 1 hour of battery life.
  • 59 minutes – Blinks 2 times and the full light power continues.
  • 1 hour 1 minute –  Blinks 3 times.
  • 1 hour 2 minutes –  The light automatically is reduced to only the focused beam with less light
  • 1 hour 57 minutes –  Blinks 4 times.
  • 2 hour 15 minutes –  The amount of light is reduced to a minimum and it need to be recharged.
  • Recharging Petzl Nao from around 10%-100% battery life: 6 hours with usb cable connected to a laptop.

Image gallery from Helsinki Keskuspuisto: | 5 sec exposure | f.7,1 | ISO 200 | lens 17mm | Canon 30d aps c-crop |

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